Capture The World’s Attention With a Stellar Signboard Design

From restaurants to bookstores, signboards are the best way to beckon people in to check out what you are offering.

Scenario 1:

You are driving around your neighborhood looking for a photo shop that can cater to your last minute whims to get a series of passport-sized photos for your American visa. You vaguely remember seeing a Kodak shop around the corner but you are not a hundred percent sure. Then, you quint your eyes against the blazing Malaysian afternoon sun looking for the familiar red and mustard signboard design. You see it. You double park. Subsequently, you run out and get what you need done, praying that the Majlis Perbandaran parking officers do not make their rounds until you have safely completed your mission.

Scenario 2:

You are strolling around the hippest part of town killing time before cocktails with your friends. You are just about to bury your face into your phone when you spot a glimmering sign across the street. All thoughts of poking and liking and wow-ing rush out of your head and you head zombie-like to the store with the rapturing signboard to find everything you ever needed, and more.

Scenario 1 and 2 are perfect examples of the importance of a good signboard design. Whether your customer is actively seeking you out or just so happened to come across you by a mere twist of fate, you need to be sure that you put plenty of effort into coming up with a signboard that sends a clear message to the big, beautiful, world outside. How do you do this? Engage the services of a professional designer of course.

From selecting the right color scheme to the perfect font size, to deciding whether you want it to be lit up like the Vegas strip once the day turns to night, there are many things to consider when coming up with the perfect signboard design.

Our team at Design Heroes will be sure to help you come up with the perfect signboard. Whether you are a tuition center or a massage parlor, a D.I.Y. handicraft store or hipster café, we will be sure to maximize your business’ potential by getting as creative as possible with it. Contact us today at for an appointment.