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The Importance of Implementing Exceptional Product Label Design

From nutritional information to how-to-use-it instructions, labels are essential for sales growth.

The type of product label design you opt for speaks volumes about your product and can dictate how many items you sell. When customers are out shopping–whether for food or for tools– the label is the first thing they will notice. From organic handmade soaps to generic household cleaners, there is no denying that an exceptional label design is something you have to invest in.

The tough part about coming up with a good product label design is finding the right balance between making it attractive and informative. Because most marketers lean more towards making their product look good rather than actually informing their customers of the who, why, where, when, what, and how, they end up losing a portion of the market share to other items whose marketers have the foresight to pay attention to the 5Ws and 1H. Here are three ways to come up with a good label design:

Engage the services of a skilled designer

The biggest yet most sensible and worthwhile investment you will make when designing a product label is engaging the help of a gifted graphic designer. In today’s fiercely competitive market, the last thing you want to do is to skim on one of the most important portions of your marketing campaign: design. The team at Design Heroes knows how to come up with sensational designs no matter the product. We guarantee that you can certainly count on us to impress you.

Control the process

As important as it is to leave the artist to work on his or her art, it is essential that you control the process from start to end. You have to convey what you need and want to your designer every step of the way. No matter how engaged your designer is, how skilled, how talented, how confident, or how experienced, always remember that you are still in control. It is your product and you need to dictate the direction the design takes. Always remember that communication is key when it comes to working with a designer if you want your product label design to be out of this world.

Aim for customer satisfaction

If you are selling a product, your goal is to satisfy your customers. The label that you end up enforcing should aim to please, amaze, and encourage your target market to want to take it home, whether they need to or not. It should offer them a wealth of information about the item that they are holding in their hands, and send them a message on the various benefits that they will enjoy should they choose to buy it. Keep this in mind when working with your graphic designer on your product label.

From homemade kaya to teatox packages, our team of designers at Design Heroes will work tirelessly to come up with the perfect design that encompasses you product. To find out more, contact us at today.