Creative Name Card Design




1 Design Concept
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2 Design Concepts
2 Sided
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5 Design Concepts
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Creative Name Card Design

Have you ever received a name card from a random person you just met, only to toss it into the bin as soon as their backs are turned? I’m not sure about you but many of us are guilty of having done that. When a card is uninteresting and bland, it makes you forgettable. No one will remember you or what you have to offer.

Like it or not, a boring white card is unlikely to send a strong message to the recipient on why they should take notice of your products or services. Why should they bother when you don’t even take the initiative to produce a decent card?

A creative name card design doesn’t necessarily have to come with a hefty price tag unless you plan to incorporate unusual materials such as metal and wood, or requires substantial die cut techniques.


# 1

The famous lock pick creative name card design

by Kevin Mitnick

Literally, this is a lock pick kit that is built into a business card and believe it or not, it actually works! This was originally designed for Kevin Mitnick, a controversial and high profile hacker who was arrested and jailed for 5 years for various cyber related crimes. Now an author, cyber security consultant, Chief Hacking Officer and board member, Kevin enjoys celebrity status while this creative name card design is prized by loyal fans and followers worldwide.

Lock picking is illegal of course and we’re not suggesting that you should try it. But getting a metal name card could be worth considering given its durability and ‘wow’ factor. And it may well be one of the few to last in someone else’s wallet permanently without getting crumpled or damaged. While these are memorable and boast a much longer shelf life, the cost to a create name card design will no doubt be higher than your average paper cards. On the bright side, you could be reaping greater financial rewards when impressed clients start knocking on your door.


# 2

Meat card

Fancy a creative name card design made from jerky?

Edible and made from real, dried meat (no kidding), this is probably a great idea for ‘bak kwa’ producers, butcher shop owners, and perhaps grills and steak house owners.

Bak Kwa’ is actually a local sweet and salty dried meat product made from barbequed chicken or pork, usually consumed during Chinese New Year in Malaysia and Singapore.


# 3

Tearable bulge name card

(for personal trainers and fitness coaches)

Tear off the belly and it’ll fit nicely in your wallet.

# 4

Divorce lawyer name card

This is a perforated divorce attorney business card and it’s actually two cards in one. Split it into two and it’s one for you and one for me. See you at the lawyer’s office.

# 5

Viewfinder name card

(for photographers)

# 6

‘Double D’ name card

(for plastic surgeons, aestheticians and cosmetologists)

# 7

‘Get stretchy’ name card

 (for yoga and Pilates trainers)

# 8

Mini plunger name card

(for plumbers)

# 9

Tennis court name card

(for tennis coaches and sporting professionals)

# 10

Designer’s seed packet name card

Literally, this is a plant in your pocket.

Drop in some seeds and follow the instructions on the back of the card.

# 11

‘Grillable’ name card

Hold it close to a candle or heat source and watch the secret message appear before your eyes.

# 12

Makeup Artist / Beautician Name Card

# 13

Salt shaker name card

# 14

Transformable Cargo Box Name Card

# 15

Yoga Centre Straw Name Card

# 16

Lego Name Card

# 17

Cheese Grater Name Card

# 18

Stock broker and remisier name card

# 19

Cigarette Filter Name Card

# 20

Chair designer name card

Great for furniture shop owners too!

# 21

Swiss Army Knife Name Card

# 22

Instagram Name Card

# 23

Comb shaped name card

(for hair stylists)

# 24

Pop Up Name Card

# 25

DIY Name Card

# 26

Dentist and Oral Hygienist Name Cards

# 27

The Ctrl + Alt + Delete Name Card

Sometimes we all need to reboot…

This card design is great for shrinks, psychologists and massage centres.

# 28

The Apple iMac Name Card

Perfect for computer repair shops, resellers and geeks

# 29

Denim Name Card

Great for fashion designers and denim fanatics

# 30

Film Producer Name Card

# 31

Piano Name Card

Great for piano repair centres, music schools and piano tuners

# 32

Zig Zag Name Card

# 33

Architect Name Card

# 34

Hair Stylist Name Card

# 35

Concrete Name Card

# 36

Ninja Name Card

# 37

Cotton Pad Name Card

Using real cotton pads instead of paper, I can’t seem to think of anything else that would be more perfectly suited for a dermatologist that will leave a lasting impression. 

 # 38

Name Card with Bold Statement

At least you’re direct and up front with your intentions …

Not exactly sure what to do with your name cards?

Just follow the picture below.

There’s nothing inherently wrong with these bells and whistles, but if you do decide to go for one of these ‘gimmicky’ name cards, just make sure that:

  • You have a strong enough concept so that it’s worth putting in the extra money and effort. Some may look cool but are not practical to carry around.
  • Odd shapes and sizes

If your card:

  • Is significantly different from the standard rectangular card,
  • Is using an uncommon material such as metal, wood or even fur
  • Has a lot of die cuts or folds

Just bear in mind that these can get lost or damaged when people drop them in their bags or drawers (since they’re unlikely to fit in a name card holder or wallet).

Hence consider durability as well when making your decision. 

  • Do not allow your concept to overwhelm your design

Don’t get overly obsessed with the gimmick that you lose sight of the core purpose of a business card, which is usually to communicate contact information. 

  • Avoid laminate if possible

Name cards with laminate can drive some people nuts, especially for those who receive tonnes of them and have a habit of writing stuff down to indicate where they’ve met this person etc.


The majority of the cards mentioned above does the job of 10 generic name cards, as far as spreading the message about the company, as well as the products and services it offers. First impressions are everything. Needless to say, these work far more effectively than plain white cards and could mean a much higher return on investment.

On the other hand of the spectrum, some may argue that the epitome of a good creative name card design is not only clever or elegant by nature, but is also clear, practical, easy to carry around and storage friendly for future reference (either in a card file or indexed card box).

An overly gimmicky business card that seems to be trying too hard to impress with a mediocre pitch or crappy products and services won’t make me call you, as opposed to someone with a simple card but a great business.

At the end of the day, memorable and quirky business cards do complement your business. Having a well-designed card could be the key for others to strike up a conversation with you.  A great reative name card design doesn’t need to be pricey. You just need someone with creativity to come up with a real winner which won’t break the bank.

Disclaimer: The 38 designs above have been painstakingly gathered from various sources and are the ones which stood out the most to us. We do not claim any of the above to be our own.