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Restaurant Menu Design

Today’s Special: Delicious Menu Design

Appeal to your customer’s eyes before appealing to their tummies. This is why Menu Design is so important.

There is no denying that we Malaysians love our food. We love eating in, we love eating out. We love eating at restaurants, we love eating at roadside stalls. When visiting a restaurant, a café, a bar, or even just a juice shop or a small food stall, many factors come into play in creating the experience. While there is the experience of tasting the food and sipping on the drinks, the ambience, sights, sounds, and smells blend together and create a vibe of the place.

If you are an owner or manager of an eatery and need to come up with a good menu design, then you have come to the right place. By combining food created by you, with art created by our very own designers at Design Heroes, you are left with an amazing menu that will be sure to impress. Here are some delicious tips to keep in mind when designing your menu:

Place the information wisely

Placement order that makes the most sense would be to go by course and your safest bet would be to go in chronological order. You also need to pay attention to where you place your prices.

Be descriptive

Diners want to know more about the dishes you are offering, especially those with fancied-up names. For example, it is pretty easy to figure out what “Cheese Pizza” is, but what about “Viennese Pizza”? The rule of thumb is to be descriptive without overwhelming your customer. The last thing anyone wants to do when they are hungry is to read an essay about what the dish contains. Thus, remember to keep your descriptions informative but simple.
P/S: In case you were wondering, Viennese Pizza contains tomatoes, Mozzarella, sausage, and oregano.

If possible, insert images

Of course, this depends on the type of restaurant you are running. You won’t find Michelin-starred restaurants with pictures all over their menu. On the other hand, family-themed places like Friday’s and Chillis are all about appealing to their customers’ eyes. Depending on the cuisine and type of eatery you are running, adding a little pizzaz to your menu by inserting visuals may be just the thing you need to do.

Cater to your target audience

In order to create a suitable menu, the design of the menu should not just match the theme and environment, knowing who eats at your restaurant is key in determining the perfect menu design. If you are a family-friendly restaurant, then there is a chance you will have plenty of kids dining there. Play around with the font and be sure that you plaster your menu with plenty of visuals and colors. If most of your customers are seniors, then be sure to use large, bold-faced font and ensure that you minimize the clutter to make it easy on the eyes.

No matter what sort of restaurant, cafe, bar, or food stall you are running, Design Heroes will work with you to come up with the perfect menu design.