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There seems to be a popular saying among the locals that eating is Malaysia’s national sport. While we do love our nasi lemak, mee goreng and teh tarik, we still take pride in being a sport-loving nation. Some of the most popular recreational sports in Malaysia include badminton, football, biking, tennis, swimming and basketball. Whether you need a new logo for your new gym, fitness centre or dance school, you’ve come to the right place!

Before you place an order, we’ve put together a list of the hottest sporting logos, as well as some household icons if you haven’t already have an idea of what you would like:

Animal mascot sports logo design

Since their jaw-dropping Premier League win, Leicester City was almost unheard of in Malaysia. Coveting the most prestigious prize in English football for the very first time in their 132-year history, it became the talk of the town and has got to be one of the most incredible underdog stories worldwide. Nicknamed the Foxes, Leicester City’s club mascot is a cartoon known as “Filbert Fox”. And it’s no surprise how this originated, given that the county of Leicestershire is considered to be the birthplace of fox hunting. The royal blue and white which makes up the rest of the logo creates a brilliant contrast to the mascot in the middle.

Symbolic sports logo design

Originally created back in 1969, the NBA (National Basketball Association) logo which features a player dribbling a ball still stands just as strong after four decades. Some would argue that this logo looks a tad dated but why would you change something that is generating billions of dollars annually in licensing alone? Voted as one of Forbes’s top 40 most valuable sporting brands in the world, NBA is an icon or its logo is now a classic which marks the pinnacle of excellence in professional basketball. The white silhouette in motion between the red and blue halves is an inspiration as people relate to the act of driving the ball into the basket. And this is in fact an emblem of thousands of players globally.

As a retail sporting company famous for its surfwear and sportswear, Quiksilver’s logo features a cresting wave and snow-capped mountain which marks its authenticity and commitment to quality and performance. Staying true to the founders’ love of the beach and active outdoor lifestyles, the logo embodies the spirit of surfing down the mountains while drawing you closer to the ocean.

And here’s a fun fact in case you haven’t noticed this before. Roxy is a sister label of the same company but geared towards women. If you look closer, the Roxy logo is actually two Quiksilver logos joined together, flipping them 90 degrees and thus forming a heart for a more feminine outlook. The overall feel is fun, bold, athletic, daring and classy (in the words of their company’s annual report), which is so true of what the brand is all about.

Word mark sports logo design

Voted the number one isotonic drink in the country, this beverage should be no stranger to any Malaysian. The 100PLUS logo features the number ‘one hundred’ against a background of blue, red and green stripes with intertwining zeros. Simple yet memorable, this is the only sporting beverage officially endorsed by the National Sports Council of Malaysia. 100PLUS is currently dominating 88% of Malaysia’s isotonic drink market with Dato’ Lee Chong Wei as brand ambassador.

Playing around with different shapes

Triangles are one of the most powerful shapes in geometry due to its 3 pointy edges which imparts a sense of strength and vigor. Common moods and expressions associated with a triangle include enthusiasm, youthfulness, vivacity and energy.

A great sports logo design does 2 things:

  • It is easily recognizable and memorable
  • It captures the essence of the game

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