Custom Logo Design

Custom Logo Design


Custom logo design: Why struggle to do it yourself when someone else can do it better and faster?

You have some amazing products that you reckon will sell like hot cakes. You plan on providing services that people are going to rave about. As you prepare to launch your business or new startup, you’ll need a logo. As you know, there are so many different possibilities to design a logo these days that it can get really overwhelming. From logo generators to tutorials on Adobe Illustrator and Photoshop, you could be wasting a lot of precious time and energy which you could be channeling towards successfully marketing your business.

Here’s why a custom logo design is way better than a self-generated one:

  • A custom logo design may look simple but what most people don’t see is the amount of conceptualization, research, skill and expertise that went into it.
  • Free logos generated are often created from the software’s perspective based on your inputs but a custom made logo is always designed with the customers in mind, what your business stands for and the corporate identity that you want to portray to the world.
  • A good logo is timeless and is an investment. If you care about branding and having true personalization over boring clip art, then ditch the logo generators and hire a real graphics designer.
  • Logo makers will usually spit out a logo in less than 1 minute and it seems like the equivalent of fast food. Is it your intention to serve potential clients fast food or would you prefer them to have fine wine and dine and ultimately land you a killer reputation?
  • Most logo generators are not free to begin with and you’ll need to pay to download the source file. Overall, it isn’t that cheap considering the fact that the icon/image selection is rather limited and you’re also somewhat restricted by the extent to which you’ll allowed to edit the design.

So what exactly goes into a customized logo design?

  • Communication with the client to find out about their business and their likes and dislikes.
  • Research is done on other competitors’ logos and the client’s industry
  • Designers will then ‘brainstorm’ by putting pen to paper and sketch out something to get a sense of the balance and initial design. The brainstorming process may vary depending on the type of business and the message that the intended logo is going to convey. This could include writing down expressions and feelings such as ‘fun’, ‘happy’, ‘mysterious’, ‘friendly’, ‘playful’, ‘corporate’ which are related to the product or company that we’re designing for. For example, if we’re creating a logo for a clothing business, I’ll start by listing down all fashion related words that I can possibly think of such as ‘dress’, ‘shoes’, ‘elegant’, ‘haute couture’, ‘runway’ etc. and then start hand-drawing a few concepts on paper.
  • And if the client is looking for a typographic logo, we could be writing the business name and slogan several times over on a piece of paper using different styles to know the essence of the shapes and the relationships between the letters.
  • Once we have a concept that we’re happy, we will then develop a digital version, edit and perfect it on the computer there are certain tools and functions which we can’t achieve by hand.
  • For mascot and cartoon logo designs, we don’t use cookie cutter characters but we custom draw them according to the client’s specifications.

In addition, we also take the time to consider:

  • How your logo will look like with a single solid color versus a combination of 2 or 3 colors
  • How your logo will look like against a lighter or darker background
  • See how it looks like with and without text
  • Change the scales to see how it will look like on a name card versus a billboard.
  • Look at client’s logo upside down or from a different angle to see if we can edit it further to make it even better.

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2 Design Concepts
3 Revisions
4 days Delivery Time
Source File
Full copyright


3 Design Concepts
6 Revisions
4 days Delivery Time
Source File
Full copyright


5 Design Concepts
Unlimited Revisions
4 days Delivery Time
Source File
Full copyright