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Letterhead Design: Why Your Business Needs It

From a simple letterhead to something elaborate, opting for a well-designed letterhead will do wonders for your business.

One of the many business mistakes you can make is underestimating the important of having a company letterhead. In today’s day and age where everything takes place online, is having a letterhead even essential? The answer is “yes”. Even though most business transactions take place through digital mediums, it does not mean that having a good letterhead design should be ignored. There is nothing you do not send through snail mail that cannot be sent online. So in that sense, the importance of having a quality letterhead has not diminished.

However, do not just settle for any ol’ letterhead. Be sure to work with a talented designer who can offer you something personalized and dripping with quality. Also be sure that you stick with the same design throughout your company. From office stationary to invoices, to notepads and sticky notes, ensure that everything is consistent to ensure professionalism, or at the very least, the illusion of it. Here are some reasons why a good letterhead design is a crucial element of your business:

Showcase your creativity

You may own or work for a company specializing in say, closets. However, it does not mean that you should keep your creative side closeted. Letterheads allow you to feature your creativity in a professional manner without asking you to stray too far from the familiar.

Makes you seem larger than life

The moment vendors, potential customers, interviewees, or whoever else lays eyes on your letterhead, it immediately makes your company seem larger and more impressive than it may be. It gives the impression that you have an extended team behind you and that you need an identifier such as a logo or letterhead that pulls everyone together.

More professional

A good letterhead design gives your business a professional air. It highlights your attention to detail and makes you seem like a legitimate business to work with. Just imagine this: would you rather work with a company that sends invoices on blank paper or would you feel more comfortable working with one that sends you the bill on paper with a legitimate letterhead? It may not matter to some people, but it matters to most. This leads us to the next point below:

Officiate things

A professional letterhead officiates things. It gives your business a sense of legitimacy that potential clients would rather have.

Whether you are a one man show or a fully fledged company, there is no denying that having a quality letterhead is very important. Work with one of Design Heroes’ designers today and kickstart your mission of finding the perfect letterhead today. We can be reached at www.designheroes.com.my.