How To Select the Perfect Invitation Card Design

From product launches to baby showers, sending out invitations are crucial if you want anyone to show up.

If you are organizing an event, forget about sending out a boring email, FB invite or Whatsapp message. There is just something about sending out actual invitations that will thrill your invitees. Whether it takes the form of a traditional invitation or something more modern sent through cyber space, there is no denying that a good invitation card design can make or break the success of your event.

Whether you want something whimsical that adheres to your themed soirée or something more serious for a food safety course, the sky is the limit when it comes to selecting the perfect invitation card design. Here are some things to keep in mind when designing an invitation card:

Be informative

Like a business card, you need to ensure that all the relevant information is listed on the invitation card. It is important that your invitees know what the event is about, when and where it is taking place, and who’s hosting. Depending on the event, do not forget to include other essential information. For instance, your sponsors, dress code, and meal preferences.

Get to the point

As detailed as your invitation card needs to be, it should also be succinct. Do not make your invitees read an entire essay to glean details. Ideally, the information you include should be in point form for simple comprehension.

Adhere to the theme

For example, wedding invitations and charity drive invitations should look totally different. Thus, it is important that you convey to your designer the tone and theme of your event.

Give them a reason to attend

Your friends are going to attend your wedding because they feel emotionally obliged to, but what about corporate product launches and charity drives, for instance? You need to give your invitees a reason to check the “Yes, I’m attending” box so give them a reason to attend your event. If you have a guest speaker or performer making an appearance, be sure to include that information on your invitation card. You should also include brief information on giveaways and prizes. The goal is to get people to want to attend. The only way to do that is to give them a reason to.

From corporate events and product launches, to weddings and kids birthday parties, our team at Design Heroes knows a thing or two about creating stellar invitation cards.