CD Cover Design: An Undying Art Form

The CD cover design you end up using can either hurt or skyrocket sales, so choose wisely.

There is an ongoing debate about the relevance of CDs in today’s digital world. It is now the norm for people to use the internet as their source of music and movies. Hard copy sales of CDs and DVDs may be on a steady decline. However, that does not decrease the importance of having a good cover design. Despite the boom of the internet, there are still people who prefer to buy actual CDs. It it is this group of people that you need to tailor your CD cover design toward. Not only does a good cover give listeners an excellent first impression of what you are offering, it also prepares your product to enter the marketplace.

CD cover designs are not just for music. You can pretty much place anything on a CD. From corporate presentations to pictures of your wedding, there is an abundance of things that you can save onto a CD and distribute to the masses (whether they pay for it or not). If you have no idea where to begin, here are some things that you should focus on:

Front cover

The CD cover design is by far the most important thing that you need to focus on. It should be attention grabbing and contain all the relevant information that you want to pass on. From your name to logo, be sure that these elements are clearly incorporated onto the front cover.

Back side

Just like a book, people are going to get a summary of what your CD contains on the back side. So do not neglect to put some thought into it. From your website to your sponsors, the back portion of the CD cover design is where you place the information that is important, yet not essential to the front cover.


More elaborate CD cover designs come in a booklet format. The booklet contains information that cannot fit onto the front and back of the CD case. Whether you decide to place artwork, song lyrics, company information, or conference proceedings on the booklet pages, it is completely up to you. Just keep in mind that CD booklets are small and that you have to keep things simple and clear if you want anyone to read what is printed on those pages.

CD cover designs might be a relatively lost art form but the team at Design Heroes knows just what to do to make yours sensational. Contact us today for an appointment by heading to We will be more than happy to brainstorm some ideas with you and help you come up with the perfect cover design.