4 Things To Keep In Mind When Working On Your Next Catalogue Design

No matter what product you are selling, a good catalogue can significantly boost sales and raise brand awareness.

Albeit the overall decline in hard copy catalogues, there is no denying that when executed correctly, catalogues are extremely successful marketing tools. For instance, IKEA issues an annual catalogue that undoubtedly gets the masses excited. Some people even leave their copy lying around the house to be browsed at whenever they fancy, to be replaced by next year’s issue. So what exactly makes a successful catalogue? What does it take to come up with a catalogue design that is so good that people do not want to throw their copy out? Here are some tips to keep in mind:

Topnotch images

One of the reasons why IKEA’s catalogue is wildly successful is because it comes complete with glossy images that somehow seem to leap off the page. Be sure not to skimp on quality photographs because grainy images do not translate well onto paper. Whether you are selling baby clothes or mechanic tools, be sure to invest in a good photographer who can bring life to your products.

Stellar layout

A good graphic designer will inform you that your catalogue design layout is very important. You do not want to inundate your audience with too many pictures and not enough explanatory copy, and vice versa. At the end of the day, it is all about finding the right balance.

Clear text

Be sure to pay attention to the copy that you insert into your catalogue design. It must be clear and straight to the point. Something to keep in mind is that the text you include must be informative without being dull. Also remember to always keep it simple but concise. Do not forget to include pricing, contact details as well as ordering and delivery information.

Give them a reason

A good way to encourage people to not only want to read your catalogue but to keep it with them is to include promotional information. Stuff like coupons and special deals are great ways to ensure that your catalogue sticks around. It makes sure it does not get sent to the recycling bin.

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