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3 Design Concepts
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Cartoon Design: Creating Designs That Come To Life

From cartoons that poke fun at the country’s politicians, to those meant for innocent eyes, there is just something about cartoons that bring people together.

The Simpsons. Calvin and Hobbes. Garfield. These are warm, fuzzy, classic cartoons that have captured the hearts of millions around the world. On the other hand, Charlie Hebdo and Zunar are names synonymous with political cartoons that rock the boat. The wide array of cartoons available to the masses may serve different purposes but there is no denying that cartoons are a lighthearted way to get your message across. Whether for business or just for laughs, it is important that you get your cartoon design just right.

So how exactly can you get your audience to pay attention to the information you are trying to convey?

The answer is simple: work with a talented designer, of course. Bringing a cartoon character to life is not just about plugging witty dialogue into air bubbles but more about finding the right balance between storytelling and visuals. As tricky as it may be, a good designer will know the ins and outs of stellar cartoon design that will be sure to thrill your audience.

We at Design Heroes can help you with anything and everything from simple cartoon mascots to complicated character creation.

Whether you need a one-of-a-kind cartoon mascot for your high school basketball team or an entire cartoon series to be published on your blog, we are brimming with unique ideas and are excited to help you breathe life into your vision. Not just that, we guarantee timely service and professionalism from start to end. So you need not worry about missing your deadline or being left with nothing to present to your bosses save for a sketch of a stick man.

We take great pride in our work and will be sure to deliver a design unlike any other. Whether the design is meant to be published via traditional mediums or pushed to cyber space, we have exactly what it takes to create the best cartoon design to suit your every need.

So what are you waiting for? Stop taking yourself too seriously and consider using cartoons to convey your brand’s message to the masses. From cartoon characters to promote your business, to caricatures of yourself, we have got you covered. To check out our portfolio or to find out more about the type of custom cartoons we can design for you, contact us today by heading to