Corporate Bunting Design
orporate Bunting Design

The term bunting originates from the 17th century when the British Royal Navy used lightweight, worsted wool fabric to make ribbons and flags. Nowadays, the term bunting covers a much wider definition. For a piece of fabric cut into a shape and used as a decoration. At any road show or promotional event, buntings that feature a company’s name or logo would most certainly be present. Usually we tend to overlook buntings and add as an afterthought to the booth or venue space. Hence, not much thought or effort is put into corporate bunting design.

During most corporate events like road shows or a promotional fair, a company’s booth will place buntings as a form of decoration. Usually, corporate bunting design will feature the company’s name or logo and during some occasions the name of the product. For example, a frozen food company opens a booth during the MIHAS food festival. They use corporate bunting design featuring the company’s logo. Thus, any passerby will have no doubts as to which company is operating the booth.

Bunting as advertisements

Buntings are used not only as a form of decoration, but also as a means of advertising for companies. This method of advertising is particularly popular with companies that conduct more down-stream businesses i.e. additional face time with consumers. For example, a retail outlet would have plenty of walk-in customers. Thus, buntings can be used to advertise the name or brand of the particular outlet in mind.

A uniquely, designed bunting can be a handy tool that enables a business to standout from it’s competitors. Buntings usually are not the centre of attention during most events. They tend to be used to “fill” up a particular space. However, for the savvy decorator, the right kind of bunting can lend a totally different feel to a venue. It brings a sense of much needed intimacy to a coffee house on a rainy Saturday night or lend a festive, carnival-like atmosphere to a property fair.

Looking to bring some coziness to your venue?

Why not combine vintage cloth buntings with light bulbs. This simple setup brings a warm, cozy feeling to a cafe, with minimal cost. It has just a few cafe-style light bulbs and some vintage style buntings.

For outdoor night events, instead of the traditional floodlights and florescent bulbs, a string of light bulbs can be used to replace buntings. By simply changing up the lighting, an entire feel of the event changed up. Also, traditional buntings have become all too common and may unintentionally result in a company looking perhaps slightly too amateurish.




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