Welcoming the Concept of Judging a Book By The Book Cover Design

Accepting the importance of a well-designed book cover.

We are all guilty of judging books by their covers. Despite everything that we have been taught, we as human beings are drawn to beautiful things. In line with catering to human nature, you have to put great thought into coming up with the perfect book cover design if you want to sell copies of your book. Even if what you are publishing is not for sale and something you are giving away for free, a good book cover design is still essential.

A badly designed cover is downright unprofessional and unappealing, and the last thing you want to do is bore your readers even before they crack open your book. Like every other product out there, people generally believe that if it doesn’t look good, it probably isn’t good. You may not like it but this is the world we live in. So you have to get with the program.

Whether you are publishing hard copy books or going digital, a great book cover design is crucial. Publishers spend big bucks engaging the services of professional cover designers because they know just how important book covers are. Here are some reasons why opting for a good book cover design will do wonders for sales:

Exudes quality

A well-designed cover informs your readers that you are paying attention to the details. You are not just concerned about the content but rather, the entire package. You are letting them know from the very beginning that you care about presenting them with something beautiful, both inside and out.

First impressions count

A great cover will determine whether a potential reader is even going to pick up your book, let alone buy it. You need to engage your audience by appealing to their eyes first before you can appeal to their mind. At the end of the day, you always have to remember that unless they are actively seeking your book, they are probably not going to bother buying it unless you impress them the moment they lay eyes on it.

Emotional engagement

Book covers should spark the reader’s interest even before they flip it over to check out the story’s summary. You need to design a cover that emotionally engages your readers. Make them want to learn more about what lies between the front and back covers.

Whether you are a self-published author or one who is part of a publishing house, be sure to put plenty of thought into this crucial part of the publishing process. Contact Design Heroes today and we will help you come up with the ultimate book design cover. We can be reached at